September 06, 2008

GTA IV :best-selling game in the world

It's unbelieveable.According to worldwide data compiled from the top three video game bean-counters, NPD (United States), Chart-Track (UK), and Enterbrain (Japan), these are the best-selling games so far this year:

1. Grand Theft Auto IV (6,293,000 copies sold)
2. Super Smash Brothers Brawl (5,433,000)
3. Mario Kart Wii (4,697,000)
4. Wii Fit (3,604,000)
5. Guitar Hero III (3,475,000)

It should be noted that outside of GTA IV, Nintendo Wii accounted for the second, third, and fourth best-selling games, in addition to being the lead-selling system for Guitar Hero III (my favourite game) which holds the fifth spot.

The "Top Global Markets Report" is based on software point of sale data from the three biggest video game markets in the world. It arrives as the often inaccurate estimate site, VG Chartz has gained considerable attention over the last year for attempting to compile worldwide video game sales.

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