July 25, 2008

Roulette Tips

Roulette is a casino game determined by sheer luck which hardly exercises its outcome. Each spin at the roulette wheel is independent of one another. You can't apply a mathematical formula to explain or predict the behavior of the ball on the casino roulette wheel. Do not even expect any of the numerous "winning roulette strategies" to work for you because there is none!
However, one of the roulette strategies also suggest that a player can increase his chances by playing the single zero roulette game. There are 37 numbers including zero in the European or French roulette table, while American roulette has 38 numbers including zero and double zero. One of the mathematically proven theories suggest that players should only play the French roulette gambling game with a single zero in order to better their chances by a few percent when compared to the American roulette casino game. Want to know more??? click Readmore...

Casino roulette guide provides information on roulette sites and games in details. Regular casino chips are not usually used at the roulette table. When a player places their money on the layout and asks for chips, the dealer distributes special roulette chips. Each player gets a different color of chips so the dealer can keep track of which chips belong to which player. Because the house does not want to get in a dispute over what chips belong to whom, players playing together may not share same chips. Even spouses playing together are required to play separate colors.
While you're playing the European or French roulette, make sure to ask if the casino uses the "En prison" rule which step-ups the player's odds. According to rule, an even money bet (of the Red, Black, Odd, Even, 1-18, 19-36 spins) that causes a spin of zero, gets "imprisoned". In case the imprisoned bet wins on the next spin, the original bet is released and returned to the player. Casinos where American roulette is played make use of the "En prison" rule, which is known as "Surrender". The latter enables a player to place even bets and loses half the bet on a spin of 0 or 00.
Try your luck, hope for the best and have fun!

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